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Powhatan Gentle Dentistry | Exams, Cleaning, Fillings | Powhatan VA

We serve the Powhatan area’s dental needs, offering a full range of services – including comprehensive exams, adult & child cleaning, low-radiation digital x-rays, preventative dentistry, gum disease therapy, tooth colored fillings, crowns & bridges, and oral surgery.As our name suggests, our goal is to provide the highest quality dental care, in the gentlest fashion possible. We want you to be comfortable throughout any procedure. Give us a call to make an appointment today!With an experienced team of friendly and gentle staff and doctors, we create a pleasant dental experience for our patients.With decades of experience and a personal approach to dentistry, we take pride in providing excellent service and being attentive to our patients’ individual needs.Source ArticleThe post Powhatan Gentle Dentistry | Exams, Cleaning, Fillings | Powhatan VA appeared first on FREEWEBSPACE.
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Pain Relief

Prednisone 40 mg
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Prednisone 5 mgSource ArticleThe post Pain Relief appeared first on FREEWEBSPACE.
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Sacramento Dentistry Group Answers: Do Lip Piercings Cause Bad Breath?

Sacramento, CA, August 9, 2017 ( – Piercings of various kinds show no sign of going away. Indeed, humans have pierced their bodies with decorative objects since pre-history. Nevertheless, oral piercings do present significant side effects. Recently the Sacramento Dentistry Group was asked if bad breath is one of them. Indirectly, the answer would have to be yes.Bad Breath From a Lip Piercing?A lip piercing itself does not cause bad breath. Although bacteria are certainly attached to it, just as they are to the oral tissues, that alone is not enough to significantly affect the smell of the breath. Piercings do, however, irritate the gum tissues. When irritated, the gums become inflamed and form pockets around the teeth, instead of wrapping the teeth and roots closely. Gum pockets are a preferred space for bacterial reproduction and they multiply rapidly in this environment. What is one of the significant by-products of oral bacteria multiplying exponentially in the mouth? …

Keep Up With Your Dentistry, Even As An Adult

It’s important to keep up with your dentistry, even as an adult. It’s a lot easier to do when you’re a kid, as your parents take care of the scheduling and appointments, dragging you there every few months whether you like it or not. Even as a young adult or college student, you likely have appointments magically appear for you when you’re home on college break.After you’re out on your own, things become considerably harder. Your job might offer a dental plan option, but did you sign up for it? Or did you decline it thinking your teeth are fine and healthy and you’d rather save the money?It’s unfortunate that dental appointments aren’t often covered by general health insurance, considering how important oral health is. Even if you brush twice a day, rinse with a mouthwash daily, and floss regularly, you still need to have your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year by a trained technician and then looked over by an actual dentist.There are many reasons why this is critical, ranging…