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Feds distributed $8 million in seized money, property to Colorado law enforcement. Here’s where it went.

Denver Police investigate a shooting crime scene on Champa St. between and 16th and 17th Avenue in the Renaissance Hotel parking lot Nov. 9, 2016.Local law enforcement agencies across Colorado received about $8 million in proceeds from property and money seizures over the past two years in a practice that police chiefs and sheriffs say could be curtailed by a new state law.It’s money that’s at the center of a controversial new law, one that prescribes how local authorities in Colorado should handle money and assets seized during criminal investigations when working with federal agents.The debate centers on mandates that law enforcement use state protocols for the practice, known as civil asset forfeiture, vs. federal rules, which are seen as more lenient.A bipartisan group of lawmakers and civil rights groups who backed the legislation say it’s needed to ensure Coloradans’ due-process protections and that the practice has better oversight.But the measure — House Bill 1313 — was strong…

Need To Save Money At The Dentist?

Do you ever need to save money at the dentist? While many adults and families are lucky to have insurance that makes most dental appointments and work affordable, not everyone is so fortunate. There are however ways to save on the dentist, if you look a little.For starters, check the major cities in your state or area, and see if any of them run a dental college or institute. There’s a number of these around the country, and they are where aspiring dentists and dental technicians learn their trade on volunteers. The volunteers still have to pay for these services, but they are heavily discounted given that it is a practice and training grounds for those trying to get into the industry. They also do their work under the direct supervision of actual professionals who know how to teach.Another way to save money on going to the dentist is to keep an eye out for coupons. Many come right in the mailbox as direct mailings, and others are sometimes ads in the Sunday paper. You might think tha…

Greenwood Village Development Plan Goes Up For A Vote

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. (CBS4) – A real estate plan is going up for a vote in Greenwood Village on Tuesday.(credit: CBS)Voters are being asked if they want to redevelop an area near the Orchard Road Light Rail Station. The area is currently a business park.
Planners want to build homes and stores there.Source ArticleThe post Greenwood Village Development Plan Goes Up For A Vote appeared first on FREEWEBSPACE.
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